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30th HBCT 2009 Tour to Iraq

30th HBCT 2009 Tour to Iraq


It all started when…

Guard Painting was established in 2018 by Daniel Honan and Kyle Nelson. Daniel and Kyle are both North Carolina natives and former members of the North Carolina Army National Guard serving 6 overseas tours to the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe with the 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team between the two of them. During Kyle’s tenure in the Army he learned leadership skills in a high-stress environment. After Kyle’s enlistment, he became a general manager of a chain of pawn shops overseeing several employees and providing top-notch customer service. Daniel has a degree in Accounting from Fayetteville State University and a MBA from American Military University. Daniel also manages an Accounting Practice in Winston-Salem, NC.

A primary focus of Guard Painting is treating its customers with respect, integrity, and clear communication. The painting industry is full of contractors ranging from independent contractors to large scale companies and we fall right in the middle.

We are here to provide a professional service that you would expect from any large company, but with the customer service and support of a small company. Our prices are competitive and you can expect us to be less expensive than any larger companies, because we only do a limited number of homes each year. You won’t see our name all over town on buses, bus stops, or people shaking signs. We do most of our work through referrals and great customer service to keep our prices lower than the competition.

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